Palestinian woman opens Gaza’s first cat cafe

palestinian woman opens gazas first cat cafe

The Gaza strip, a Palestinian exclave on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, witnessed the opening of the first cat cafe this week.

Naeema Mea’bed opened the “MEOW Cat Cafe” inspired by the global cat cafe trend. She described the cafe as a “global anti-depressant.” She said that the cafe would bring cat lovers some joy in Gaza.

The cat cafe is the first of its kind in Gaza. The cafe is decorated with mirrors, flower vases, posters of the 14 resident cats, beautiful cutlery sets and cups.

Guests, including kids and adults, can play with cats at the cafe. On Sunday, the cafe witnessed a long queue. The owner of the cafe had to set up more tables and seats for customers. People also brought their children to the cafe. 

Parents sip their coffee while observing their kids. Their children usually play with the cats. It costs $1.30 per half hour for the feline experience. The cafe reportedly has Persian cats, hybrid felines and Turkish angora. 

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Naeema Mea’bed reportedly said, “The idea came from my childhood passion for cats and I wanted to pass it on to people.” She called cats a “natural anti-depressant.”

According to media reports and various sources, she opened the cafe to help people become happy and relieve their stress. She reportedly said, “Many people like cats but they don’t know where to keep them or where to play with them, so I made this place for them.” 

Various kids expressed happiness over the opening of the cafe. However, some people were not impressed with the new idea. They reportedly argued on social media platforms that most residents were too poor to welcome such an idea in Gaza. 

Reportedly, the Gaza Strip is populated and impoverished. According to reports, more than 2 million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip.



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