Saudi Arabia Celebrates Once-Banned Halloween Party In Riyadh

Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia celebrated Halloween. Thousands of people gathered for the event, which was hosted in the capital city of Riyadh, dressed in spooky costumes.

According to reports from the region and photos that went viral on social media, the “Scary Weekend” was an event that occurred on Thursday & Friday on Riyadh’s Boulevard as a continuation of the Riyadh Season.

When they enthusiastically observed the once-banned holiday of Halloween, the Saudi Arabians shocked the world and attracted criticism from the traditional societies.

According to reports, Saudi police raided a Halloween party in 2018 and detained scores of attendees who were dressed in frightening attire. They also reportedly told ladies who were dressed in “weird garments” to “cover themselves.” Many people today think that things have changed.

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The once-controversial and divisive holiday is now being celebrated in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, according to a number of photographs making the rounds on Twitter. The “Scary Weekend” event, which actually takes place on Thursday and Friday, gave rise to numerous online memes as pictures of Saudi Arabians dressed in ghoulish attire aroused interest, debate, and amusement.

Visitors who came up in Halloween costumes received free admission to the event. The Boulevard was renovated into a large-scale costume party. The theme of the evening was displaying frightful disguises, ghostly personalities, and clever but eerie designs and props. People who didn’t usually celebrate Halloween talked about the origins of the spooky costumes, which made the event thrilling and fun.

Khaled Alharbi, a Saudi who was also seen at the event dressed in a frightful Halloween costume, informed the press that he was only dressing up for fun. “Intentions form the basis for actions. He had a two-year-old family member with him who was dressed as a witch and was observed casting spells on the event attendees, and he stated, sporting his eerie clothing as he stood with his friends, dressed as a bloodied doctor, nurse, and consultant.



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