Saudi Arabia is creating a cutting-edge visa service

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started a new endeavor to replace the passport visa sticker with an electronic visa, from which information will be read through a QR Code.

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This project fits with the ministry’s overall plan to automate and enhance the consular services it offers. The system has been put into effect in Saudi embassies in the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines as a first step.

The government plans to create a modern system for granting visas, including those for work permits, residency permits, and visitor visas.

In order to see friends or acquaintances who are Saudi residents, tourists can enter the Kingdom using a “personal visit” visa, which was made available by the ministry last year.

Additionally, the visa enables holders to visit Makkah, Madinah, and other sacred and historic sites, travel between the Kingdom’s regions and cities, perform Umrah rituals, and take part in cultural events. According to the ministry, obtaining a visa may be done through simple and practical electronic processes on the website for the visa platform.

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By submitting a request for a personal visit on the visa platform, applying for a “visit” request, checking in through the unified national access platform, and filling out the information for the invitees, Saudi nationals can invite friends to travel to Saudi Arabia and conduct Umrah.



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