Saudi Beauty Influencer Abeer Sinder Talks Social Media Career, MAC Cosmetics Campaign

Abeer Sinder

Abeer Sinder, a Saudi content creator who became well-known for her efforts to dispel beauty myths, claims she never really intended to make a living off social media.

After the launch of her most recent campaign with Canadian company MAC Cosmetics, Sinder said in an interview with Arab News, “I just felt that I had a message that I needed to share, and people related to me and started following me.”

Sinder, who also launched SNDR, an online store with a focus on hair products in 2018, claims she is aware that she serves as an inspiration for young women in Saudi Arabia.

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“I take that responsibility very seriously and do my best to always be a good example. I want them to learn self-love, self-acceptance, and to always feel secure and at ease in their own skin, said Sinder, who is currently expecting her second child.

Sinder responded when asked what motivates her to continue producing content: “Every time someone reaches out to me and says that I was a part of the reason they’re more confident and that I taught them how to love themselves.

As she continued, “I quickly learned to build a thick skin and trust myself. At the beginning of my social media career, it was a little intimidating and scary to open up to complete strangers and put myself on the spot.

In March, Sinder appeared in a Women’s Day campaign for MAC Cosmetics alongside three other Saudi Arabian creatives.

In addition to Sinder, the campaign featured models Ghalia Amin and Nirvana Abdul as well as gaming streamer Meshael MR.

In a statement released with the campaign, Sinder said, “Being a part of this campaign makes me so proud; not only because it was shot in my city with such powerful and unique women, but also because it allows me to celebrate being myself.”

I feel obligated to promote individuality and encourage girls to be true to themselves because I know they look up to me, she continued.

Sinder responded, “I loved being a part of this powerful campaign as it represents something that I stand for,” when asked by Arab News about the initiative. It’s a love letter telling all women to adore who they are.

Sinder is frequently spotted at Huda Beauty events and was invited by Tarte Cosmetics to join the now-famous influencer trip to the UAE, which saw several influential people from around the world fly to Ras Al-Khaimah for a luxurious stay that ignited social media in January.



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