Should Al Houthis Be Designated Terrorist For Messing Up With Oil Infrastructures Of OPEC+ Nations?

Al Houthis

As OPEC+ members met in Vienna recently, to mitigate the fluctuating prices of oil and economic instabilities, there is political inference that the decision might have come as a push from the Kingdom itself. The deeper reasons for this is the constant threat that the Saudi Arabian facilities have felt at the hands of attacks from outside elements, especially the Iranian backed Al-Houthis.

Al-Houthis, while have been putting up with peace efforts that were suggested by a UN brokered peace initiative in Yemen, they have not been able to cooperate. Their inability to act in independence is seen in their erratic methods of maintaining a balance on their actions that invariably mean drone attacks on Saudi energy facilities.

Most of these actions, it seems are instigated from Iran that has been funding their military knowhow ever since they have been waging a war against the legitimate government in Yemen. They have been pushing for no interference from other Middle Eastern nations on the energy sources, especially the Saudi Arabia.

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It is imperative, as per the Kingdom that Houthis be now put on the list of terrorists, in order their activities of hurting energy resources of various Gulf nations can be curbed. As of now, the focus is only on the Saudi Arabian facilities which holds the largest energy resources in the world of all the OPEC + participating countries.

Two days ago, Al Houthis asked companies investing in Yemen’s Houthi militia warned foreign oil companies to get their affairs in order and leave Saudi Arabia and related nations, post haste, hinting at the possibility of fresh drone and missile strikes against the Gulf nations’ energy infrastructure.

Unless they are then classified as a terrorist group, it is going to become difficult to keep oil prices in check, that are already fluctuating due to the ongoing economic slowdowns in various economies, Russian war and clamp up on natural gas reserves, and other related political tensions across the globe.

Additionally, it has been ascertained that previous escalation in oil prices was also a result of the systematic attacks on infrastructural facilities of the Saudi Arabian oil reserves.



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