‘ISIS Regrouping Has To Be Prevented’: Former UK Ambassador To Yemen


According to the former UK Ambassador to Yemen, the world should be prepared for more jailbreaks attempts to happen from ISIS operatives. Apparently, the UK has many active Al Qaeda cells that are still financing fighters in Afghanistan and this movement is going slow.

Edmund Fitton Brown has warned that ISIS is still a threat to the security of Europe despite systematic crackdowns in various parts of Middle East by the US. Jailbreak attempts are therefore anticipated in Syria and the country’s detention camps.

Mr. Brown spilled the beans at a recent webinar he presented that was hosted by the Counter Extremism Project think tank and revealed the risk that presently ISIS poses to the Western world.

This has become evident in the light of the recent incident where group attacks on the Syrian Al Sina prison led to escape of several terrorist fighters and lasted almost nine days. “The ISIS jail break gave it a significant propaganda boost and more jailbreak attempts should be expected, particularly in north-east Syria, and it is a jarring reminder of the precariousness of the holding arrangements in Syria,” he said.

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Detention of foreign terrorist fighters also needs to be addressed seriously by their respective countries else he has called it yet another ‘ticking time bomb.’ He has also urged that Britain must tighten its investigation into the British Al Qaeda cells financing fighters in Afghanistan before its too late.

“ISIS and Al Qaeda might be weakened by a succession of leadership losses but member states still worry they will continue to exploit instability in Syria and Afghanistan,” Mr Fitton-Brown said.

“International efforts to address internally displaced camps and detention facilities in north-east Syria are still insufficient to address the seriousness of the issue.

“Besides the humanitarian issue, this is a ticking time bomb in security terms. There is a risk of thousands not having any chance of rehabilitation and creating a multiplying threat that will still be with us in 20 years.”



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