Sudan conflict raging for 17 days. Here is the situation on May 1


The two warring parties in Sudan continue to fight despite saying they would extend a flaky 72-hour ceasefire brokered by the US.

A handful of key events that marked the conflict on May 1, Monday, include

Deadly Fighting

  • Although the truce agreement has so far failed to stop the clashes, it has de-escalated the fighting in some areas. But the continuing violence is still compelling scores of civilians to move to safer parts of the country or cross the borders.
  • The warring groups, Sudan’s army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), have accused each other of ceasefire violations.
  • According to the Sudanese police, a paramilitary unit – the Central Reserve Police – has been deployed across the capital city of Khartoum to protect the properties of residents from looting.

Humanitarian Crisis

  • Since the deadly battles erupted on April 15, more than 500 people have been killed, and tens of thousands of others displaced.
  • According to the Civil Aviation Authority, Sudan’s airspace would remain closed until May 13, with exceptions covering evacuation operations and aid distribution flights.
  • Owing to the “rapidly deteriorating humanitarian crisis”, the UN chief said the agency’s top humanitarian official is on its way to the region.
  • More than 5,000 people boarded Saudi Arabian ships from Port Sudan to flee the violence, the Kingdom said.

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Evacuations and Discussions

  • After already airlifting over 2,000 people out of Sudan from an airport near the capital, the UK said it will operate another flight from Port Sudan on Monday.
  • Canada has cited “dangerous conditions” for deciding to end its evacuation flights.
  • Egypt has called an Arab League meeting of its permanent delegates on Monday to discuss the crisis.
  • The US sent a navy ship to bring its citizens out of the conflict-stricken country, two US officials said.
  • US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said roughly 1,000 Americans have already been evacuated, adding a government convoy has reached Port Sudan to bring US citizens and other people willing to avoid the conflict to Saudi Arabia.


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