Sudan Back On Track To Civil Governance As Citizens Continue To Protest New Truce


Sudan SudanCivil rule is being restored in Sudan again. According to confirmed reports, Sudan’s top general Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan (L) and PM Abdalla Hamdok have now signed a deal to restore the transition to civilian rule in the country yesterday.

General Burhan has vowed for compliance towards free and transparent elections. Nearly after a month since military takeover where the general himself had thrown the PM out of office, there has been a peaceful reconciliation.

Saudi Arabia has shown its support for the new found peace and said it will continue to support such solid endeavors for respect for democratic governance. Apparently, the peaceful negotiation comes after crisis talks involving Sudanese, UN, African and Western players, stated that Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan’s decision “to relieve the transitional prime minister (of his duties) is cancelled.”

Since the agreement came through yesterday, the General has committed to freeing all political detainees and formally relaunch the fragile transition process towards full democracy that started after the 2019 ouster of former President Omar Bashir.

However, demonstrations in the country have been rampant over non-acceptance of the agreement, with reports of gun shot wounds pouring in. Civilians have been in clashes with security forces, in which a child has also lot its life. PM had emerged from a house arrest, in an emaciated state of being addressing local television about the truce.

As many as 41 people have lost their lives since the weekend. The main civilian bloc which spearheaded the anti-Bashir protests and signed the 2019 power-sharing deal with the military strongly rejected Sunday’s agreement.

Governance and who takes the top seat, is a decision that Mr. Hamdok, said he leaves to the people to decide, while he confirmed that his top priority to ensure there is no bloodshed on the roads of Sudan.



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