Qatari rights abuse: Wife of imprisoned Qatari Royal urges UN to intervene in her husband’s “torturous” detention

Asma Arian, wife of imprisoned Qatari Royal, Sheikh Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, in a distress call to the United Nations Human Rights Council, urged


Qatar forcibly deports Yemeni woman and her baby

In a video on Twitter, a woman accused the Qatari government of trying to forcibly return her and her child to her home country of


Repression against journalists continues in Algeria

Algeria condemned to three-year prison a well-known Algerian journalist for reporting on anti-government demonstrations. Local activists and international organizations of Human Rights defenders repeatedly denounced

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Turkey is recruiting Syrian children to fight in Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has revealed details of Turkey’s recruitment of Syrian children to send them to fight in Libya alongside forces affiliated to the Tripoli-based Government…

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Amnesty International exposes Qatar’s using corona crisis to expel non-infected migrant workforce

On Wednesday, Amnesty International exposed how Qatar expelled migrant workers from the country using corona crisis as an excuse. The twenty detainees, interviewed by the

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Satellite images reveal Iran’s massive graves built for coronavirus victims

Iran is the third worst hit nations with coronavirus outbreak after China and Italy. The Islamic Republic has so far reported about 10,075 confirmed coronavirus