EXCLUSIVE: Tunisian police arrests a dangerous terrorist

A security force source told The Arab Post that the suspect had received specific training on Mount Mghila. According to initial information, the suspect was in permanent contact with jihadists in Syria and had not been identified by the police until yesterday.


EXCLUSIVE: Daesh threatens Tunisia, Kais Saied responds

Tunisian President visited the headquarters of the Special Unit of the National Guard in Beer Borqba to reassure citizens. Also Egypt and Algeria are closely monitoring the situation in the neighbouring country.


Iraq: Isis claims a double terrorist attack in Baghdad

Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, was rocked by a double suicide attack in the crowded Tayaran Square market on Thursday morning. According to police sources


14 tons of Captagon seized from Italy, allegedly shipped by Hezbollah

On Friday, the Italian Nova agency reported that the investigation carried by Italian authorities, regarding 14 tons of Captagon (amphetamine) pills seized last year, concluded


Vienna Shooting: Police investigates as the attacker appears to have links with ISIS

On Tuesday, five people died, including the attacker, and 17 others were injured in a shooting in Vienna hours before a Covid lockdown began, Austrian

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The offensive against ISIS continues in Iraq

The offensive against ISIS continues in Iraq, in particular in Diyala and Kirkuk. Objective: to destroy the great pocket of resistance of the jihadists which

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Isis activity in Syria increases, a terrorist attack in Hama kills nine civilians

A Daesh terrorist attack killed nine civilians in the governorate of Hama in central Syria. According to the Syrian government press agency “Sana,” nine civilians

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Tunisia:Two gendarmerie officers stabbed in Sousse, ISIS claims

“A patrol of two National Guard officers was the victim of a knife attack in Sousse. One of them died and the other wounded, is

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Isis reacts to the offensive by the Syrian army (SAA) and Russia west of Deir Ezzor

Self-proclaimed Islamic State groups from Iraq surprise their enemies, causing deaths and injuries.Isis’s response to the offensive launched by the Syrian army (SAA) and Russia’s

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UK’s Halane sisters held in detention by Kurds after fleeing from Syrian camp

Twin sisters from Manchester, UK, Zahra and Salma Halane, now 22, are now being detained at a high-security detention centre after they tried to escape