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France Attempts To End Israel-Lebanon Hostilities, Hezbollah Rejects Talks

France has presented a written proposal to Lebanon aimed at ending hostilities with Israel and resolving the disputed Lebanon-Israel border. The plan calls for Hezbollah

south lebanon and israel's diplomatic stand
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Unraveling the Complex Dynamics: Tensions in South Lebanon and Israel’s Diplomatic Stand

In recent statements, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz emphasized the urgency of finding a diplomatic solution in south Lebanon amidst escalating tensions between the two

lebanon at a crossroads navigating security, stability, and geopolitical challenges

Lebanon at a Crossroads: Navigating Security, Stability, and Geopolitical Challenges

In recent years, geopolitical complications and rising tensions have centered on Lebanon. Protecting the country’s security and stability, particularly in southern Lebanon, has been emphasized

lebanon approach to syrian refugees

Lebanon’s Approach to Syrian Refugees

Bassam Mawlawi, the interior minister, has called for a stronger approach to be taken to control the presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where the


New Lebanese Prime Minister met Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an unexpected visit to Turkey

The Lebanese prime minister in charge of forming the new government, Saad Hariri, paid an unexpected visit to Turkey on Friday, during which he met


New Year celebrations kill a Syrian refugee in Lebanon

A vacant bullet fired at midnight to celebrate the start of the new year killed a Syrian refugee, in a phenomenon that the authorities have

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Hezbollah takes prides in acquiring precision-guided missiles, says “Revenge is coming”

On Sunday, Hassan Nasrallah, general secretary of Hezbollah in his interview with the Beirut-based Arabic Al-Mayadeen TV, said that the Lebanon based political group stepped


Justice to bring Lebanon back to life

The United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon sentenced Salim Ayyash, a Hezbollah militant, to five life sentences, found guilty of the attack that killed former


Lebanon: Diab among 4 charged for Beirut blast, Hariri slams judgement as violation of constitution

On Friday, former Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab was named among the four leaders charged with the catastrophic Beirut blast, which occurred on August

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UN court orders life sentence to Hezbollah militant for the assassination of Lebanese premier Hariri

On Friday, an UN-backed court gave a life sentence to a Hezbollah member, who was convicted for the assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri.