Egypt seals multiple energy deals with both domestic and international oil giants

On Friday, Egypt’s oil and petroleum minister informed said that the country signed nine oil and natural gas exploration deals worth $1 billion with both


Uncertainties plague Libya’s new push for oil exports

The country’s warring factions are desperate enough for oil revenues that they have come together to strike a deal to commence exports. But challenges remain.


Libya’s NOC welcomes US sanctions on three traffickers operating between Libya and Malta

On Thursday, the Libyan state oil company, National Oil Corporation (NOC), welcomed the decision by the United States of America to impose financial sanctions on

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Yemen accuses Houthis of capitalizing on tanker issue

The crisis of the decaying tanker off Yemen’s coast is of grave concern to the region, but the Houthis are selfishly using the issue to further their agenda, according to the government….

Offshore oil and gas rig platform with beautiful sky in the gulf
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Decommissioning Works Takes Priority In Oil Exploration In Lockdown Times

Despite the energy companies slashing their exploration and production budgets, decommissioning work seems to be on top priority….

Oil and gas market prices likely to turn negative
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European gas prices likely to turn negative

Abundant supply, low demand and full storage capacity is what marred the US oil market, pulling crude prices to negative territory, almost a month ago….

Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV impact Arab economy.
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Arab Economies Set for Multilevel Blow Due To COVID-19: IMF

With the slowdown due to COVID-19 the Arab economies are set to face major shock at many levels, stated the regional head of International Monetary

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Iraq: Katyusha missiles targeted a US oil company

On Monday morning, rockets landed near a foreign workers’ neighborhood in the oil sector which includes the American “Halliburton” company for oil services in Iraq,