Palestine set to hold first national elections in 15 years

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday announced that parliamentary and presidential elections would take place in the sovereign state later this year. Taking place for


Can Arab Americans direct foreign policy

Despite being vocal about the issues in the Arab world, Arab Americans have very less agency in influencing the country’s foreign policy through their elected

National flag of Palestinians

Israel’s new policy is to not return bodies of Palestinians militants

There has been widespread condemnation for this new decision that will see Israel withholding the bodies of Palestinian militants slain in combat. Rights groups have

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli PM’s first public remarks on killing of autistic Palestinian

More than a week after the death of an autistic Palestinian man at the hands of Israeli police, PM Netanyahu spoke publicly about the incident….

President of Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suspends all agreements with Israel and the US

Mahmoud Abbas made this announcement during a national address in response to Israel’s declared plans to annex parts of occupied West Bank….

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a conference
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Mike Pompeo accuses Iran of “Fomenting Terror” during Israel visit

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement, which is likely to escalate tension in the Middle East in the press conference…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a Press conference
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British politicians urge Boris Johnson to impose sanctions on Israel over West Bank Annexation

The cross-party gathering of politicians, including MPs, senior diplomats, and former cabinet ministers, pressed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to force economic sanctions on Israel if

Israel , Palestine , Cronavirus
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Israel-Palestine: conflict or cooperation in the coronavirus time?

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have created a joint operations room to combat the new coronavirus epidemic. “Our common borders and our relationships don’t allow

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Palestinians demand Israel release prisoners because of coronavirus

The Palestinian Prisoners Society has called on the United Nations to pressure Israel to secure the release of Palestinians in Israeli prisons.  This measure is

It is no surprise that the Arab voter turnout hit an unprecedented 66 percent. This is simply more than the last election in September when the turnout was actually less than 60 percent.
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Arab Coalition Misvote Might Not Win Netanyahu Power Back In Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu’s dream to remain in power may just actually remain a dream after all as a huge Arab turnout at the parliamentary voting stage