Middle East

Israel’s Supreme Court Rollback Sparks Protests and Concerns

  The United States has expressed concern over Israel’s recent decision to ratify new legislation that limits some of the Supreme Court’s authority and has

Middle East

Tension rises in Syria, attacks against Turkish forces and protests against the army

A wave of attacks against Turkish troops has begun in northern Syria, particularly in the al-Bab area north of Aleppo. The last one occurred just

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“Enough with you”: Thousands protest in Israel and call for Netanyahu’s resignation

Israeli protesters in thousands gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence on Saturday night. This was an extension of months long country’s protests to

French President Emmanuel Macron

Germany-France offer EU mediation in Belarus amid political unrest

Amid the ongoing political crisis in Belarus, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have offered to mediate for the European nation in