saudi arabia reinstates ambassador to syria
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Saudi Arabia Reinstates Ambassador to Syria: A Shift in Middle Eastern Diplomacy

Since Saudi Arabia decided to send its ambassador back to Syria after a 12-year absence, Middle Eastern diplomacy has changed significantly. This appointment of ambassador

hanging village of al habala
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10 interesting facts about the Hanging Village of al Habala

Travelers and historians alike have been drawn to the amazing architectural wonder that is the Hanging Village of Al Habala, which is situated in the

al wajh (9)
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Top 10 tourist places to visit in Al Wajh

Discover the hidden treasure of Al Wajh, a seaside town in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province, if you’re looking for historical attractions, natural beauty, and cultural

pakistani restaurants in dammam (8)
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Discover Top 10 Pakistani restaurants in Dammam.

The capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Dammam, is known for its varied and expansive international food scene. Pakistani food is one

trailblazers nabila al bassam pioneering saudi artist weaving heritage and artistry

Trailblazers: Nabila Al-Bassam – Pioneering Saudi Artist Weaving Heritage and Artistry

Nabila Al-Bassam Stands as a Trailblazer in the Realm of Saudi art a Multi Talented individual Whose life and Work are as intricate as her

the saudi role in reshaping israel palestine

The Saudi Role in Reshaping Israel-Palestine

As Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue, Saudi Arabia has become an important player in deciding what happens after the war ends. With more influence globally

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Top 10 Restaurants In Dammam For Fine Dining And Takeaways

The dynamic city of Dammam, which is located in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, has a wide variety of eateries that can satisfy a wide range

fine dining restaurants in riyadh
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Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants In Riyadh for Foodies

Riyadh’s fine dining restaurants serve delectable food in a stunning setting. There are several cuisines available to guests, including real French, Chinese, Indian, Saudi Arabian,

Amusement Park in Jeddah
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Top 10 Amusement Parks In Jeddah To Enjoy Your Holidays

The energetic coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is well-known for its exciting theme parks that provide a great getaway for thrill-seekers and families alike,

Best Places To Shop In Makkah And Madinah
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Top 10 Best Places To Shop In Makkah And Madinah in 2024

The two holiest towns in Islam, Makkah and Madinah, are thriving commercial and trade engines in addition to being spiritual ones. These cities provide both