Tebboune’s dismissal of close aids hints towards political skirmish in Algeria


Algeria AlgeriaRecent announcement by Algeria’s President Abdelmadjid Tebboune of dismissing two of his closest aids reflects the chaotic political tussle in Algiers. Analysts say the struggle is real as many close advisers to the President and members of his entourage are seemingly more inclined towards serving their personal interests rather than that of their President.

The two close aides of President Tebboune who have been dismissed in the recent decision are Boualem Boualem, the legal affairs advisor and Nazih Berramdane, the presidential staff member in charge of the civil society and expatriate affairs. The reason of their dismissal hasn’t been revealed as of now. The former judge, Boualem Boualem after coming to the Mouradia Palace at the end of 2019, has been serving as Tebboune’s legislative arm. He was considered to be a trusted advisor and key presidential confidante. Nazih Berramdane, on the other hand, was entrusted by the President with overseeing the outreach effort with civil society.

The president has counted on this outreach to widen his support, especially during the time he ran for president as an independent candidate even though he belonged to former ruling party (the National Liberation Front, FLN). It is to be noted that President Tebboune had previously dismissed Mohamed Laagab, his former campaign manager, from the palace position. However, that did not create such a ruckus as these two latest dismissals by the President.

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Tebboune has not really concealed dissatisfaction over performance of many of his senior officials. Furthermore, he was also reportedly disappointed over attitude of these senior officials who seemed to hinder pledges fulfillment of new authorities to the president.

Saida Neghza, the head of the employers’ confederation said, “Tebboune has the will and genuine intention to save the country, but there is a group of people working against his will.” She said she believed “the current atmosphere is not conducive to investment, because businessmen face great obstacles and cannot build any project.”



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