The 29-year-old daughter leads the execution of Maryam Karimi in an Iranian prison


Maryam Karimi’s daughter has conducted her execution at the Rasht Central Prison in Iran under a death penalty law. The woman had been sentenced to the qesas, the law of retaliation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the name of justice for the murder of her husband. An eye for eye revenge law, typical of a medieval country like Iran. The victim’s family, in this case, her husband, could choose between hanging or forgiveness in exchange for paying the price of blood, the diyeh, but she refused to grant the latter.

The Non-Governmental Organization, Iran Human Rights (IHR), confirmed on March 15, while the media of the Iran Islamic Republic did not talk about the news. According to sources cited by the NGO, Maryam Karim’s daughter led the hanging of her mother in the early hours of last Saturday, March 13th. The woman’s father, Ebrahimi Karimi, was accused of helping her commit the murder. The NGO, based in Oslo, also quoted local sources about the family affair, explaining that the woman and her father had killed Maryam Karim’s husband because he abused her.

The NGO also stressed that he was physically violent and did not consent the wife to divorce. Ebrahimi Karimi had no other way to save Maryam from him than by helping her kill her husband. The NGO adds that the young woman who carried out the hanging of her mother was 6 years old at the time of her murder and grew up with her father’s family. For the past thirteen years, they had told her that both of her parents were dead, but they had to tell her the truth a few weeks before the mother’s execution, to prepare psychologically the 29-years-old woman.

According to Iran Human Rights, in murder cases, the qesas penalty is considered a family right under Iranian local law. The relatives of the victims are therefore present and are encouraged to lead the public execution. On February 22, Ebrahimi Karimi was also transferred to solitary confinement in preparation for the hangings, after a last joint visit with her daughter. They would have shown the body to her daughter after the hanging, but that of the man was delayed, for unknown reasons. Sixty-seven people, including 4 women, were executed this year in the Islam Republic of Iran, according to international organizations.



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