The Royal Mint releases exclusive gold bar with Kaaba design ahead of Ramadan

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The oldest company in the UK and official maker of coins with over 1,100 years of minting experience, The Royal Mint has released an exclusive gold-minted bullion bar ahead of Ramadan for Britain’s Muslim community that depicts the Kaaba. The 20-gram bar was produced in consultation with the Muslim Council of Wales.

The design exemplifies the craftsmanship of The Royal Mint and will undoubtedly be popular with the Muslim community across the world, said Abdul-Azim Ahmed of the Muslim Council of Wales. The Kaaba gold bars were available for purchase at $1,393 the last time we checked.

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In February, The Royal Mint, in marking the launch of the special bar, took part in three events across the UK – in Manchester, Glasgow, and London – aimed at raising funds for Turkey and Syria in the wake of deadly February 6 earthquakes. The combined death toll from the humanitarian disaster has already crossed 50,000 and is expected to rise even further.

The events were hosted by Islamic Relief, a prominent Muslim charity that provides aid responses to emergencies around the world. The Royal Mint donated one of the bars for auction at each event, raising over $10,000.

Director of Precious Metals at The Royal Mint Andrew Dickey appreciated the move, calling it the first time the distinctive cube structure of the Kaaba – the holiest place on Earth for scores of Muslims – is being represented on a 20-gram gold bar by The Royal Mint.



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