Consultative Conference of Libya’s Neighbouring Countries first day ended


The work of the first day of the ministerial meeting of the neighbouring countries of Libya ended on Monday evening, in the presence of all the invited ministers of the member states and regional and international organizations.

Libyan Presidential Council spokesperson Najwa Wahiba said the council appreciates Algerian diplomatic efforts to support security and political stability in the country. Wahiba indicated that the meeting between the countries of North Africa ended with a summit between the President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed El Manfi, and the Algerian President Abdelmadjid Thabboune.

The Libyan Presidential Council underlined in the ministerial Consultative Conference of Libya’s Neighbouring Countries framework, hosted by Algeria, the need to unify the visions in standard files and coordinate with the neighbouring countries to support stability and peace. Furthermore, the Libyan presidency reaffirmed the importance of implementing the resolutions of the Security Council, according to the decisions of the Berlin conferences.

The success of the diplomatic efforts led by the Presidential Council, also represented in the visit of the two Council members to Algeria last June, led to this ministerial meeting, a statement said. Furthermore, the Presidential Council of Libya has expressed the hope that all neighboring countries will support the Libyan initiative to host an international conference to activate the Libya Stability Initiative following international and United Nations resolutions.

Through his Twitter account, Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamara said that “the discussions focused on ways and mechanisms to enhance the contribution of neighboring countries in accompanying Libyan brothers to achieve the priorities of this sisterly Libya’s crucial phase.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Najla Al-Manqoush, confirmed that the most important axes of the ministerial meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries in Algeria were the security dossier and the stability initiative launched during the second Berlin Conference.

Al-Manqoush said that several important files would be opened, particularly on joint national security for border countries and files on combating illegal immigration, end-of-year elections, and national reconciliation. The Libyan Foreign minister described the consultative meeting as a positive step in support of the efforts of the national unity government.

Al-Manqoush praised Algeria for adopting this critical and sensitive issue and listening to neighbouring countries on how the Libyan crisis has affected regional security and policies, underlining how Libya’s stability affects the entire area. Finally, she revealed that the two days in Algiers aim to achieve security and stability in Libya and unify the country, the sovereign institutions, particularly the military and security establishment, until the elections.



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