The United States Reiterates Support For Tunisia To Complete Political Transition


Tunisia TunisiaTunisian Prime Minister Najla Bouden held talks on Monday with the United States (US) Ambassador to Tunis, Donald Blome, about the political transition of Tunisia. The meeting took place at the government palace in Kasbah. According to Tunis Afrique Press News Agency, Bouden hailed the United States’ constant support for Tunisia, especially in the fields of national defence and development projects. Blome reiterated US support for the aspirations of the Tunisian people for a democratic and responsive government.

She also expressed gratitude to the US ambassador for the efforts he made during his mission in the country. Blome also wants to boost the bilateral ties between the United States and Tunisia based on the shared values of democracy and human rights.
Bouden also held talks with a delegation from the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT), led by Abdallah Ounnir. Bouden said to develop the prison system by improving detention conditions in the country in respect of human rights principles.

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Politics in Tunisia

Tunisia’s government had been hailed as the sole representative democracy to emerge from the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings. However, President Kais Saied’s move affected the political scenario of the country. He suspended parliament, dismissed the government and claimed executive powers last July. His move was criticised by opponents as a political coup. Tunisia’s main opposition party, the Islamist Ennahda, rejected Saied’s move to dissolve parliament.

Since then, the parliament building has been closed by security forces. Opposition political parties and civil society groups continue to reject Saied’s “monopoly of power” in the country. The standoff between the president and parliament has affected Tunisia. Saied, said late on Thursday that parliamentary elections won’t be held within the next three months in the country. A meeting was held on Thursday between Bouden and Saied about the political transition in Tunisia.



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