Top 8 Startups In Arab Nations

top 8 startups in arab nations

The Arab world is doing very well in the field of startups. Many Arab countries are expanding their economy with the help of startups. Investors are gaining confidence and have started to invest their money in leading startups. Big companies are now investing their money in various startups. Big companies including Al Tayyar Travel Group and Majid Al Futtaim Group have recently invested a large amount to boost the startup system. The United Arab Emirates is leading in the startup race whereas Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt are growing at unprecedented rates. As there are thousands of startups in the Arab region we are here with the Top 8 startups in the Arab Nations.

Top 8 Leading Startups in Arab


Trella is a startup in Egypt that mainly focuses on the digital truck marketplace. The main work of Trella is to connect shippers with carriers which makes shipping and trucking procedures work smoothly and efficiently.

Founded: 2019

Founded by: Omar Hagrass and Pierre Saad

Fund Raised: $42 Million.


Flexxpay is a startup based in the UAE. It offers financial and digital solutions for the employees in which they can immediately access their salary before the regular payday. It helps in reducing workload and financial problems.

Founded: 2018

Founded by: Michael Truschler and Charbel Naser

Fund Raised: $4.5 Million.


MaxAB is a startup based in Egypt. It offers a platform where retailers are directly connected with suppliers. This startup aims to expand the market and wide range of products for small businesses. It offers a wide range of financial solutions.

Founded: 2018

Founded by: Belal El-Megharbel and Mohamed Ben Halim

Fund Raised: $ 40 million.


Nana is a startup based in Saudi Arabia. It offers a platform where consumers can buy groceries online. It provides easy and quick shopping services for the convenience of the consumers.

Founded: 2016

Founded by: Sami Alhelwah and Abdulmajeed Alsukhan

Fund Raised: $133 Million.


Sarwa is a startup based in the UAE. It offers a platform for people to invest in different areas. This startup provides a machine-based platform in which automated investment services are provided which makes it easy for anyone to invest their money.

Founded: 2017

Founded by: Mark Chahwan and Nadine Mezher

Fund Raised: $15 Million.


Elmenus is a startup in Egypt. It offers a platform to consumers through which they can discover menus of various restaurants and can order food anytime and anywhere.

Founded: 2011

Founded by: Amir Allam

Fund Raised: $10 Million.


Mumzworld is a startup based in the UAE. As the name suggests this startup is an online shopping website specially created for the shopping of mothers, infants, and children.

Founded: 2011

Founded by: Mona Ataya 

Fund Raised: $50 Million.


Kitopi is based in the UAE. This startup offers a platform, especially to restaurants. The main aim of this startup is to collaborate with different restaurants and food outlets to provide food delivery services to consumers.

Founded: 2018

Founded by: Saman Darkan and Mohamad Ballout

Fund Raised: $415 Million



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