Top Arab Instagram Models In 2024 With Huge Followers

Top Arab Instagram Models In 2022

Compared to how our parents’ and grandparents’ generation used traditional media like TV, radio, and print, social media has grown much more intertwined into our daily lives. A new generation of social media influencers today uses Instagram and other social media to have an impact on us.

Influencers on Instagram, for instance, are people from all different backgrounds and occupations who upload content that depicts their lifestyles and the goods and services they utilize. They share their experiences with the public and are aware of why they enjoy certain things. Check out these 7 Arab women that are dominating Instagram in 2024.

List of Top 7 Arab Instagram Models In 2024

Najwa Hubaishy (@najwahubaishy)

This Saudi Arabia-born fashionista’s Instagram feed will inspire you to go shopping so you can copy her carefree looks. She is recognized for her casual and functional streetwear look and appears on MBC’s Beauty Match.

Hessa Alajaji (@han.alajaji)

Another Arab influencer to keep an eye out for, especially if you’re trying to get better at applying makeup. This stunning woman is not only an influencer but also a well-known makeup artist. In November 2021, she created her own brand, Han Cosmetic, and her first product was a pair of brushes that makeup artists loved!

Nazly Firas (@nazlyfiras)

With over 96,000 Instagram followers, Nazly Firas is the Iraqi influencer, and with good reason! She brings high-octane flair and is no newcomer to the world of upscale clothing as she is the daughter of famed Dina Zaki, a fashion designer with a base in Dubai.

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Merihan Dobiea (@merihan.dobiea)

This attractive UAE-based fashion girl has rapidly captured the attention of global companies and has been securing significant collaborations and partnerships. She is typically seen wearing casual clothes. She is more than just a lovely face; Threadz By Marmar is her very own clothing business.

Caren William (@caren.wi)

The Egyptian makeup & beauty blogger William really does it all, from big dramatic eyes to basic everyday fresh-faced-ness, and she somewhat resembles Selena Gomez. She has a flair for the flawless effortless everyday makeup, as well as glamorous ones for those special events.

Deema Al Asadi (@deemaalasadi)

One of the most well-known lifestyle plus fashion influencers in the area is Deema Al Asadi. Before she rose to fame on social media, this Iraqi beauty living in Dubai was a dental student. She is a mom who is best renowned for her fashionable sense and frequently talks about her experience as a mother.

Fatma Husam (@fatmaa)

A modest fashion influencer living in the UAE is Fatma Husam. She is not just fashionable and attractive; she also has a BBA in Aviation Management. The multihyphenate has her own jewelry collection, MAS Jewels, that she uses to accessorize her lovely attire.



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