saudi arabia reinstates ambassador to syria
Middle East

Saudi Arabia Reinstates Ambassador to Syria: A Shift in Middle Eastern Diplomacy

Since Saudi Arabia decided to send its ambassador back to Syria after a 12-year absence, Middle Eastern diplomacy has changed significantly. This appointment of ambassador

syrian opposition activist faces deportation in lebanon
Middle East

Syrian Opposition Activist Faces Deportation Threat in Lebanon

Syrian opposition activist and researcher, Sheikh Jumaa Lehib, has been handed a deportation order from Lebanon to Syria, amid a growing crackdown on Syrian refugees

syrian air defenses thwart israeli airstrikes near damascus
Middle East

Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, reports confirm

Reports rose on Wednesday demonstrating that Syrian resistances had effectively captured Israeli strikes within the region of the capital, Damascus. The affirmation came from state

iran launches missiles on pakistan
Middle East

After Iraq And Syria, Iran Launches Missiles On Pakistan

Iran and Pakistan have recently been involved in a tense situation. In 2019, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, a high-ranking officer in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards,

iran conducts missile attacks in iraq, syria

Iran Conducts Missile Attacks In Iraq, Syria, To Revenge Israel, ISIS

Iran has recently conducted missile attacks in Iraq and Syria. The main target in Iraq was in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region. Here,

us airstrike iran
Middle East Politics

U.S. Conducts Airstrikes on Iran-Linked Targets

In the latest developments, the United States responded by launching air strikes against Iran-linked positions in eastern Syria. The move followed a series of attacks

netherlands and canada accuse syria of institutionalized torture

Netherlands and Canada Accuse Syria of Institutionalized Torture

The Netherlands and Canada have called out Syria in the International Court of Justice for torturing its own people. Syria has been accused of a


Israel launches airstrikes on Iranian-backed militants near Abukamal

According to Syria’s new agency, Israel has carried out large-scale airstrikes in the Abukamal areas on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Israeli airstrikes targeted several areas


Syria, Libya and Yemen: Even the pandemic asks us to worry about children who do not know the smell of peace

In Syria, Libya, and Yemen, millions of children are born and raised in war and don’t even know the smell of peace. While the world


Biden’s appointee for Middle East and North Africa could trigger tensions between US and Turkey

US President Joe Biden has planned on appointing Brett McGurk, as National Security Council senior director for Washington’s policy in the Middle East and North