Turkey uses international media as a propaganda tool and pushes refugees to the closed borders

Turkey, Syria, Greece

In a pandemic, when the whole world is in crisis and uncertainty, Turkey is trying to use the political and economic levers of influence for its own purposes.  President Erdogan forced Syrian refugees to leave Turkey and head for the border with Greece.  On the way, Turkish security forces use violence and tear gas to “motivate” refugees to cross the border.

 But on the part of Greece, the borders were blocked due to the declared closure of the borders of the EU countries in connection with the spread of the deadly virus.

 In turn, Turkey uses “soft power” for its own purposes, through propaganda and misinformation.  Human rights watch so vehemently condemned Turkey for starting a war (ironically, the war unleashed by Turkey was the reason many Syrians left their homes).  Now, HRW is more concerned about Greece’s border closure policy, ignoring the state’s right to close its borders in a pandemic.

  In a March 13 tweet, Apostolos Doksiadis, a Greek writer, wrote: “It’s a shame that HRW is propagandizing propaganda from a country that is arming refugees without solid evidence … HRW must choose which path the story follows.  With controversial donations or fundamental human rights. ”

  Turkey also used The New York Times as a propaganda tool.

  In an article in the New York Times entitled We Are Like Animals: Inside a Secret Place for Migrants in Greece, the news house accused Greece of organizing inhuman refugee camps equivalent to Nazi concentration camps.  Despite the fact that Greece is not related to this flow of refugees, as well as all issues related to border protection or security issues are transparent.  The constitution applies … and there is nothing secret about it.

  Interestingly, some of the information published by NYT in this article was “received” from 23-year-old illegal immigrant Somar al-Hussein, who entered Greece and was able to record his “secret” geographical location without a telephone.

According to a social media search, “a Syrian refugee software engineer, Somar al-Hussein,” is none other than Somar El Hussein, a resident of Istanbul and a software student at the University of Maltepe.

  Somar El Hussein is a propaganda guy from Turkey who is used by the state as an ideal immigrant.  The motivation of Turkey is very understandable.  Turkey is blackmailing the EU in order to gain support for its military operations.



Roshan Amiri is an advocate for the truth. He believes that it's important to speak out and fight for what's right, no matter what the cost. Amiri has dedicated his life to fighting for social justice and creating a better future for all.

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