UN Adds Israeli Army to Blacklist for Child Harm in Conflict

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This decision comes after eight months of fighting in Gaza, where over 13,000 children have reportedly been killed. The announcement was made a day after an Israeli bombing of a UN school in Gaza which killed more than 40 Palestinians including children.

The UN report has also named Hamas for killing and kidnapping children during the attack of October 7 on Israel which left nearly 1200 Israelis dead.

Human rights officials have noted that Israel had previously avoided being listed despite verified violations due to political pressure. Ezequiel Heffes the director of Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict highlighted that there have been years of verified violations by both Israeli government forces and Palestinian armed groups without listing them in the report.

Gilad Erdan Israel’s UN representative expressed his anger calling the decision shameful. He has insisted that Israel’s army is the most moral army in the world and stated the UN decision would only help terrorists and reward Hamas.

The report has been put together by Virginia Gamba, a special representative for children in conflict who talks about serious issues like killing, maiming, sexual abuse, kidnapping of children and attacks on schools and hospitals. The goal of the list is to name and shame violators to stop violence against children.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticised the UN’s move saying the organization had joined those who support Hamas murderers.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz also warned that this decision would worsen Israel’s already strained relations with the UN especially with the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which helps Palestinian refugees.

Erdan shared his reaction on social media condemning the decision and defending the moral stance of Israel’s military. The UN Secretary General’s office has not yet commented on Israel’s inclusion in the list.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the UN’s move, claiming that the organisation had joined those who support Hamas murderers.Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned that this decision would strain Israel’s already tense relations with the UN, especially with the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which aids Palestinian refugees.

The Importance of the List

The inclusion in the UN report represents a framework aimed at protecting children from the devastating effects of armed conflict.

Once a state or group is cited for violations, the UN engages with them to implement actions preventing future violations.

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UN’s decision to add Israel to its list of states committing violations against children has sparked intense reactions and highlighted the complexities of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.The hope remains that such reports will drive meaningful actions to protect children and reduce the human toll of ongoing conflicts. The inclusion of Israel on this list underscores the urgent need for all parties to prioritize the safety and well-being of children amidst the turmoil.



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