UN Secretary General Asks Libyan Politicians To Become Serious About June Elections


Libya LibyaThe UN Secretary General Stephanie Williams has said that its important that Libya’s political class stops being selfish and starts concentrating on the forthcoming elections in June 2022. The nationwide elections are to be held under UN observation through which the map was laid out of how elections could be held in a judicial manner. The December deadline was missed.

However, Ms. Williams has been forceful about pushing the nationwide elections to June, as that is the only way to bring back stability. Earlier on, the UN had brokered a map that earmarks developmental milestones in 2020. Under that, elections should have been done before ushering in 2022. But that did not happen. Still, in line, with the timelines set, Ms. Williams feels that it is still “very reasonable and possible” for the country’s 2.8 million voters to cast their ballots by June 2022.

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Division amongst parties is detrimental for the country’s sovereignty and a window of opportunity for the Islamic State to gain control. In an interview with a special British newspaper, Ms. Williams said, “My fear is that some people may now manoeuvre for a prolonged period of delay. The House of Representatives (HoR) exists off a mandate that it was given in elections 3,700 days ago. It has been seven years, seven months since Libya went to the national polls. The other chamber, the High State Council, was elected 10 years ago. Their shelf life has long expired. This is ultimately a struggle over assets, power and money. That is quite a motive to hang on.”

In the ensuing month divisions have worsened, as Libya’s parliament, the House of Representatives (HoR), prepares to install a government to rival the UN-recognised Government of National Unity (GNU). The HoR says the GNU’s mandate expired on 24 December.



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