US and Allies Plan More Iran Sanctions as Israel’s War Cabinet Convenes

us and allies plan more iran sanctions as israel's war cabinet convenes

The recent unprecedented attack by Iran on Israel has prompted the United States and its allies to consider fresh sanctions against Iran. This move aims to dissuade Israel from escalating the situation further. As Israel’s war cabinet prepares to convene for a third time to decide on a response, the international community is concerned about the potential escalation of violence between these long-time adversaries.

The Attack and Israel’s Response: US and Allies Plan More Iran Sanctions

Despite the attack on Saturday night causing no deaths and minimal damage, thanks to Israel’s air defenses and countermeasures, it has raised fears of the spreading violence rooted in the six-month-old Gaza war. Israel’s military chief of staff, Herzi Halevi, has warned that Iran’s launch of more than 300 missiles, cruise missiles, and drones at Israeli territory “will be met with a response,” although specifics were not provided. The Israeli government postponed the war cabinet session scheduled for Tuesday to Wednesday, indicating the seriousness with which they are considering their next move.

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US and Europe’s Response:

In an effort to prevent Israel from retaliating massively, the US and Europe have signaled a plan to toughen economic and political sanctions against Iran. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced that the US is planning to impose new sanctions targeting Iran’s missile and drone program in the coming days, with expectations that allies will follow suit. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized the use of sanctions to disrupt Iran’s “malign and destabilizing activity,” indicating a willingness to explore all options to disrupt Iran’s “terrorist financing.” Meanwhile, European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced that the EU is considering expanding its sanctions regime against Iran to include the supply of missiles and drones to Iranian proxies in the Middle East.

As tensions escalate between Iran and Israel, the international community is closely monitoring the situation. The US and its allies are working to deter further aggression from Iran through sanctions, while Israel is weighing its response carefully. The outcome of Israel’s war cabinet meeting and the implementation of new sanctions against Iran will have significant implications for the region’s stability. Efforts to prevent a full-scale war and de-escalate tensions are paramount, but the situation remains fluid and unpredictable.



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