US elections, the main concern for Erdogan


With the possibility of Joe Biden of winning the 2020 US election, some lobbyists close to Donald Trump are finding themselves, against all odds, in high demand. Last week, one of Trump’s 2016 campaign advisors registered as a foreign agent for a close confidant of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, known to be one of the Turkish leader’s keepers of secrets in Washington.

Observers from Turkey speculate that Erdogan is trying to get some last-minute concessions from the administration before a new leadership can take over. With Turkey facing the threat of sanctions for the purchase of Russian air defense systems, it is quite normal for Erdogan to try to use all the time he has left to solve open problems.

The Foreign Lobby Report reviews all of the latest lobbying documents and foreign influence efforts in the United States. According to its last report based on the records of the US State Department, a Russian news agency $ 5.2 million contract with a Washington company to produce Content for Sputnik dominated the foreign influence spending last month. The Ivory Coast government took second place with a $ 300,000 agreement signed by President Alassane Ouattara’s office ahead of the controversial end-of-month elections.

South Sudan’s Oil Ministry has signed a $ 280,500 deal with a New York communications company to help lift sanctions against the country’s vital oil industry. The separatist enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan is on fire. The Armenian government hired former Senator Bob Dole (R-Kansas) of the law firm Alston & Bird, ahead of the strategic bilateral talks in Washington at the end of September.Erdogan fears the results of the US elections.

Up to now, Washington’s absence in many countries such as Libya has left Erdogan free. In Libya, Washington used Ankara to secure military bases in the western region, where it is sending weapons and equipment. To stop Moscow’s advance, Trump leveraged Erdogan’s delusions of leadership and his crazy ambitions to revive the Ottoman empire.

Furthermore, the new US executive could hold back Ankara also on the Azerbaijan front. Finally, the US Senate is also discussing the role of the Muslim Brotherhood. If Washington declares the movement a terrorist organization, this would represent the coup de grace for the Turkish economy and its alliance with the Qatari regime.



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