What are the 5 best legal investments for emigrants in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia-There are many legal investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia that can be a starting point for expats working to make it big in the kingdom. We have here compiled a list of five such opportunities for investment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that can be highly rewarding to the expats.


This is the perfect investment opportunities for the expats who wish to invest in fledge business. The capital required varies as per industry – SR 1 million for industrial licenses, SR 30 million for real estate, and so on.

  • Making investment in property

This is the second most fruitful and promising investment option for expats living in Saudi Arabia. The expats are permitted to buy one residential property in KSA.

  • Forex Trading

It is very smooth to open foreign currency trading account in KSA through approved brokers and then they can start trading through it. This is even possible with a small investment amount.

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  • Through buying stocks

The expats can open an account in Tadawul and then trade in shares and stocks through it. This also offers a lucrative source for investments in KSA. The only requirement for this is to have a valid bank account so as to open account in Saudi Stock Exchange.

  • Fixed Term Deposits in Banks

Many banks in Saudi Arabia, including SAMBA Bank provides option of fixed term deposits to customers. The expats are offered deposits ranging from 7 days to 24 months.

Hope these opportunities will be helpful to many expats who are aiming to invest big in KSA. Do you have any more such options? Comment below and join the conversation.



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