5 Most Played Video Games In The World (List of 2022)


If you are an avid gamer or a novice looking for a game to fill your free time, you might be interested to know what are the hottest games of the moment.

Ready to know which are the 10 most played video games in the world? Let’s get the insights!

List Of Top 5 Most Played Video Games
1) Minecraft
As strange as it may seem to some, the construction game, where all textures are replaced by cubes, is the most played game in the world. In the shoes of a character who must be fed to survive, you roam an infinite world, which grows over your discoveries.

The goal is to collect resources in order to make equipment, weapons and tools, and to embark on the construction of projects of all kinds. The huge community has already shown the extent of Minecraft’s possibilities, for example by building Harry Potter’s Hogwarts castle, the Chinese wall, or all of the castles in the Games of Thrones series.

2) League of Legends
Riot Games’ first game, which was released in 2009, was basically a mode of the Dota game, which was extremely popular with the community at the time. From the first months, League of Legends caused enormous hype, and was able to create a huge community. Combining dynamic confrontations and strategies, the game is a fan today.

By creating the most watched video game tournament in the world, Riot Games has succeeded in making a small game mode without ambition, one of the greatest video games in history. Now with several professional leagues spread over 4 continents, League of Legends still has a bright future ahead of it.

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3) Lost Ark
Causing a real cataclysm when it was released, Lost Ark is part of this new generation of MMORPGs that wants to breathe new life into the genre. Accessible to everyone at the start, the game becomes more and more difficult as you evolve, pitting you against increasingly punishing Bosses.

High-level raids on Lost Ark are tough, and will provide a challenge for PVE fans. PVP is no slouch, as the arena system is largely skill-based. So yes, some classes are better, but the overall balance is pretty incredible. The only question about Lost Ark is its longevity, as the difficulty of upcoming PVE content should drive down player counts. To see in time then!

4) Counter Strike : Global Offensive
The latest opus of the wise Counter Strike is still at the height of its glory, almost 10 years after its release. Since the game is free, it continues to attract new players regularly. Building on the reputation of its big brother released in 1998, CS:GO owes its success to its huge community, renowned for welcoming players of all ages.

Placed in one of the two teams: anti-terrorists or terrorists, you are part of a team of 5 players, which aims to plant the bomb on a site, or to defuse it. In fact, CS:GO tournaments are some of the most impressive on the planet, pitting teams from around the world against each other, and offering up to a million dollars to the winners.

5) Call of Duty : Modern Warfare/Warzone
Present on the scene for many years now, the wise Call of Duty manages to place its new vintage in the ranking of the most played games every year. Thanks to its modes requiring players to take objectives, or shoot down as many opponents as possible, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and its Warzone game mode still have an incredible community.

It must be said that the Activision license has everything to please, simple and intuitive gameplay, diversified game modes as well as the possibility of taking possession of a wide range of weapons. Available on all platforms, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone is probably one of the most popular games.



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