Why Canadian Support Didn’t Feel Reassuring To France


The terror attack rocking France has seen solidarity from Canada but not in the true sense. French President, Emmanuel Macron has come under firing line when he openly criticized the murder of an innocent teacher who showed some cartoons of Islamic prophets to teach his children. While Canadian PM Justin Trudeau did show his solidarity, he did not shy away from suggesting that ‘freedom of expression should have its limits.’

France has received criticism from some Middle Eastern countries for his open stand over Islamic led radical behavior. But this is not the first time this has happened to a European nation and Macron decided he was not going to take it without putting up a fight. Mr. Trudeau has condemned the recent attacks in France, including a deadly knife attack on a church in Nice, the third suspected Islamist attack in the country in little more than a month.

But in response to a cartoon shown on Prophet Mohammed, Mr. Trudeau made a religiously neutral statement, showing somewhere Macron’s immature outburst of anger in France, where he has closed down many Islamic non-profit organizations. Later on, Macron thanked the governor of Quebec over his comments to show complete support of France but kept away from speaking to the Canadian counterpart.

The message was rephrased for both leaders to come on a common ground and accept that most important is to maintain freedom of expression and human rights that maintains peace and order in their respective countries. It is understood that this means there should be no disrespect to the religious sentiments to the various communities that are residing in both countries too.



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