Why Getting A Saudi Arabian PR Is a Good Option?


Saudi arabia Saudi arabia-Becoming a permanent resident now in Saudi Arabia isn’t a difficult proposition. In fact, it’s a great way to secure your retirement income and future benefits too. It is an excellent country that encourages multi-cultural living.

Why is it of advantage?

The best part is that foreigners have the same rights as Saudi nationals. The Saudi Premium residency program, is known as the ‘privileged Iqama’. The respect is immense, because unlike other countries, you don’t need a sponsor allows permit holders to live, work, operate a business, or even own a property in Saudi Arabia. A sponsor is known as a kafeel. Because this isn’t applicable, Saudi Arabia envisions a surge in investments in the coming months. Expatriates can get a premium status post which, they can leave and return to Saudi Arabia without the need for a sponsor’s authorization.

Is Documentation Tough?

Documentation is not tough. Your closest Saudi Arabian counsellor should be able to help you sort this out. You can submit in person or even email the requisite documents. Visas are processed in a span of two weeks. Festive reasons might stretch the process to six weeks. General guidelines are specified and there is transparency. Applications usually will need to be typed, printed and signed on official Saudi government letterhead. While the credentials needed are simple, there is a lot of paperwork to be done; ensure you are careful in filling in and following through.

Once I Get My PR Card for Saudi Arabia, Then What?

Once you receive your PR card, you will then have all of your legal rights and protections as a permanent resident in Saudi Arabia. That means that you can open a bank account, sign a lease, apply for a mortgage, and so on. As a permanent resident, you can also be employed by any company that does business in Saudi Arabia. You’ll also be able to obtain your residency visa—and multiple re-entry visas—throughout your stay in Saudi Arabia.



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