Why Is Russia Invested In Portable Docks Near Syria?


Russia is now planning to build a floating dock, off the Syrian coast. This is not good news for Syria at all. While the world is trying to end the war like conditions in Syria, the power game between Russia, Iran and Turkey doesn’t seem to end.

Syrian warring sides were greatly supported by Russia on one side and Iran on the other. Now, Russia is working out ways to expand its naval base in the Syrian post of Tartus, following the major expansion of the main Hmeimim base, located in the Latakia countryside.

Work in progress especially entails extension of one of the two main runways of Russia’s Khmeimim airbase outpost in Syria. The extension is being done by around 1,000 feet.

Obviously, the deployment means that there will be easy and quick regular deployments of larger and more heavily- laden aircrafts. This would include heavy airlifters and even potential bombers. On great significance is also the floating repair shop at the Tartus base. This also means that the repair of submarines and ships becomes much easier than before and can be deployed into the nearby areas, if the need arises.

Undeniably, Russia is planning for long term presence in the area and no intentions of moving out from there. According to defense analysts, this is a move to strengthen Kremlin’s position in the Middle East as well. Repair can be carried out on lower costs, something that the Kremlin had to do near its ports in Baltic or the Black Sea. By virtue of being floating, the docks can be dismantled and ported wherever needed.

Within the present US government, there is no interest in Syria. But Russia continues to eye the oil reserves and might plot taking down the regime with the help of Turkey. Iran would be the only living threat, for which this preparation looks like an intentional move.

Apart from its gradual increase in its military prowess, Kremlin has cleverly, invested itself into a number of Syrian oil fields and phosphate factories. All these are situated in central and eastern Syria and signing dozens of economic agreements that analysts believe will consolidate Moscow’s hegemony over the Syrian economy.



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