Why Nations Have To Stop Seeking International Funding For Survival


The World Bank and United Nations have been working round the clock to support war torn regions. It has bled repeatedly from its nose to even support those nations that have not recovered from onslaught of civil war.

But where is the accountability of the nations that are constantly making use of these voluntary resources? None! The Trump administration might have had some reason into his curb and control of funding to the United Nations. While UN kept funding Syria and Yemen, the food and medical funds were being siphoned by one or the other militia.

At the worst receiving end has been the common man in Yemen, for example, that never got the right amount of food or medical help. Houthis were busy funding their own ulterior motives. This has been grossly ignored by the world.

What really needs to be done is to correct the flow of funds. For a country like Lebanon that consistently, run in low financial balances, there is no other way out. Unless governance is not taken to task immediately, this inflow of funding is a sheer waste of money of all those who are actually living honest lives and paying their taxes.

The desire to keep seeking funds becomes an easy way out for these countries. Unlike the European Union that is self funding its members, this isn’t the case for many Middle Eastern poor countries. Some wealthier nations have been helping with the funding process amidst the Corona lockdown time and then when vaccines were to be made available. But this is not a long term viable solution.

It literally shows how dependent are some on the others. Self reliance is what humanity has to thrive on; not repeated help that starts looking like parasitical behavior. There is a fine line in that behavior and only those that are repeatedly seeking would know if they have crossed the line.

Take for example Africa- the nation has seen the worst for over a century. But as a community and ethnic group, they are extremely hardworking and full of self pride.  Having worked hard to educate themselves, their future generations have founds way to develop industry and self sustain their economic growth. Very rarely have you found them repeatedly begging for help from the Western world.

Even when they were severely hit by plagues and epidemics, solutions came forth from their sense of responsibility to show to the world, that they would survive and thrive without the help and mercy of the West. Accountability is very important for each nation- whether it is in terms of developing its own economy or returning back a loan, as India has done recently.  Strength comes from taking responsibility and such accountability.



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