Women wearing Hijab face discrimination in Egypt: BBC investigation


Egypt EgyptWomen who wear a Hijab (a traditional scarf that Muslim women wear to cover their hair and neck) have faced discrimination in Egypt. Egyptian women have faced consequences for wearing the Hijab.

A BBC Arabic investigation revealed that businesses in Egypt are discriminating against Hijabi women. According to the news outlet, many Egyptian women have claimed that many venues refused them entry because they were wearing Hijab. Around 15 upmarket venues had been accused of discrimination in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

BBC sent an undercover couple, with the woman wearing a hijab, to investigate the whole matter. Reportedly, some venues said that head coverings were not permitted. When the couple arrived at one venue, L’Aubergine, they were told by the doorman that the Hijab was not allowed because “there is a bar inside, which might offend Hijabi women.” Subsequently, the manager said, “The headscarf is forbidden.”

Doormen at Kazan, a fine dining restaurant, also told the couple, “The problem is the Hijab.” The authorities reportedly said, “These are the house rules.”

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BBC News Arabic presented the evidence to Adel El Masry, chairman of the Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants. He reportedly said, “Never in any era of the ministry of tourism has a decision been issued banning Hijabi women. Discrimination is unacceptable.”

BBC Arabic’s investigation also found that many Hijab-wearing women were being restricted from buying holiday apartments in the country. Posing as a buyer whose wife wears a Hijab, BBC Arabic contacted six property brokers in the country. They denied giving holiday apartments to Hijabi women. “Definitely look for an alternative,” one broker told the undercover BBC reporter.

Earlier, Egyptian women wearing a Hijab revealed they faced discrimination on their social media profiles. Reportedly, Egyptian MP, Amira Saber, a women’s rights advocate, said that the constitution of Egypt prohibits such discrimination.



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