Is a Bad Deal Better Than No Deal With Iran Over Nuclear Empowerment?


Iran IranThere is tension and insecurity building up amongst other Middle Eastern powers when it comes to Iran and its growing closeness to nuclear empowerment. There are plans to destroy its facilities as news gets out that indeed, Iran is revamping, restructuring to build on its nuclear power.

Since the JCPOA deal fell apart, thanks to Trump’s immature handling of the agreement, brining Iran back to the drawing board and discussing a fair deal has been an impossible 17 and more week task. As America comes closer to signing off the nuclear deal again, there are now other things to worry about.

So, as political analysts believe, it is better to have a ‘bad deal’ than to not have a ‘deal’ at all. Some kind of a deal would probably help reign the monster in Iran. As it selfishly continues to enrich its facilities, it increases the insecurities of a lot many around Tehran, who might believe the wolf’s cry as true this time, and want to attack, before being attacked themselves.

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Despite the rising public opposition to a possible ‘bad deal’ in Israel, its leadership is aware that if the talks fail, it will not be able to stop Iran’s nuclear programme through unilateral military strikes. A military solution to Tehran’s nuclear threat will require US involvement.

So, talks must culminate is some kind of a deal. No one wants war right now, as the world is handling economic impact of the Covid-19 related slowdowns and the Ukraine war induced scarcity of food and cereal across the world.

While this being thought over, Israel is walking its own path, as usual. Israel has hinted that it won’t commit to a deal it doesn’t approve of. By stating so, it will hope to put pressure for an agreement that imposes constraints on Tehran’s nuclear programme. It will also, in the process, maintain its freedom to conduct military operations if it deems them to be necessary. But those who insist that a direct war between Israel and Iran would resolve matters or help reduce Iran’s influence in Lebanon and Syria are delusional.



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