Egypt Brokered Truce Between Gaza And Israel Has Negotiations To Deal With


Israel IsraelIn a new twist in things, the truce between Israel and Gaza Strip seems to be in choppy waters again. The newly brokered peace seems to be fragile. On August 07, Egypt was able to broker a ceasefire between Israel and militants in Gaza. This happened as almost three days of violence claimed the lives of 44 Palestinians in enclave, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Egypt’s effort apparently seemed to have been lauded by Israel. But the recent incident of bombing and killing has led to only loss of Palestinian lives. Not a single Israeli lost his life in this process. A three-day conflict again saw Israel targeting individuals inside Gaza. Those targeted and attacked included only members of the Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIL) inside Gaza. 

PIL’s position seems to be dwindling and this is something it seems Israel had been focusing on. In response, the PIJ secretary general Ziad Nakhaleh has communicated to the Israeli foreign ministry that this conflict started by Israel would escalate if Tel Aviv did not release Bassam Al Saadi and Khalil Awawda, two key PIJ figures in Israeli custody.

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“If Israel wants a peace that extends beyond a simple military victory, they are going to have to provide some accommodation to the PIJ and they will therefore have to balance between appearing strong but also a little lenient when it needs to be,” was communicated to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

According to political analysts, Israel has put itself in dangerous waters with PIL and this fragile truce can only carry on if the former decided to appease the latter, who seems to be representing the sentiments of Palestinians, as of now.

Termed as the Operation Breaking Dawn, this one has been rightly and widely denounced by rights groups all over the world. Human Rights Watch issued a statement on Monday saying that Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip often goes unpunished and, in the absence of accountability, the violence is likely to continue.



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