1- More Died! 125th Arab killed this year


The latest victim of this year’s deadly crime surge was an Arab Israeli man who was shot dead on Tuesday in the northern town of Reineh.

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Paramedics gave the victim, later identified as Marhan Awaisy, the fatal diagnosis on the spot. Muhammad Awaisy, the deputy mayor of Nazareth, was the father of Awaisy.

Police reported that they were looking into the shooting as a possible murder case and detained a suspect who was attempting to flee in a stolen car.

Police claim that the suspect attempted to elude the officers, setting off a car chase that ended with him being caught and taken into custody.

The murder raised to 125 the total number of members of the Arab community who have died in violent crime since the year’s beginning, according to the Abraham Initiatives anti-violence monitor. 2022 saw a total of 116.

According to the watchdog, 113 of the victims this year were killed by gunfire.

Numerous community leaders accuse the police of failing to take action against strong criminal organizations and of largely ignoring the violence. Additionally, they identify government agencies’ long histories of discrimination and neglect as the root of the issue.

Itamar Ben Gvir, the minister of national security, stated on Saturday that the Shin Bet internal security agency’s cutting-edge anti-terror tools should be used against Israeli criminal suspects.

To combat the rising violent crime in the Arab community, Ben Gvir was responding to a Channel 12 report that the Shin Bet had devised a plan for a committee of former operatives who would collaborate with the police and share their experiences in combating terrorist organizations. The plan reportedly remained only a proposal after Ben Gvir’s National Security Ministry decided against implementing it.

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125th Arab killed this year-

The brutal reminder that there is still much to be done to lessen violent crime within Arab communities comes from the murder of Marhan Awaisy in the northern town of Reineh. It emphasizes the requirement for more efficient actions that can assist in addressing underlying issues like discrimination and neglect. Although tools created by the internal security agency Shin Bet have been suggested, these have not yet been put into practice, leaving police forces largely unaided in dealing with this issue. In the end, it will take more work from everyone involved if we are to make any headway against this issue and stop further needless deaths like Marhan’s.



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