More than 70,000 civilians have been displaced from the western countryside of Aleppo.

The displacement process continues largely from separate areas in the western sector of the countryside of Aleppo,

The displacement process continues largely from separate areas in the western sector of the countryside of Aleppo, against the backdrop of the Syrian regime and the Russians escalating their aerial and ground bombardment as part of their displacement policy to force civilians to move to take away more areas and extract control over them.

In the context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced, on Wednesday, the displacement of more than 70 thousand civilians from the towns and villages of the western countryside of Aleppo during the past 24 hours, some of whom were displaced for the fourth and fifth time after they had been forced to migrate at intervals due to the military operations in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo As the western countryside of Aleppo is crowded with displaced people from different regions.

To that, Observatory sources said that the road from Atarib towards Afrin will be taking more than 9 hours to cross as a result of severe crowding against the background of displacement, as it has become almost impossible to find a shelter for the displaced people in Afrin and its countryside, nor Azaz, Atmaa , wakah or Akrabaa and border areas with the Iskenderun brigade, due to its overcrowding. IDPs, sometimes even more than 6 families share one house.

According to the statistics of the Observatory, the number of IDPs from Idlib since the beginning of the ground offensive on January 24 amounted to about 350,000 civilians, while the number of IDPs from Aleppo and Idlib since mid-January increased to 520,000 civilians, in light of the continued military operations by air and land , While the total number since the beginning of December increased to about 950 thousand from Idlib and Aleppo.

It is noteworthy that the massive military operation of the regime and Russian forces in Aleppo and Idlib, which started on January 24th, completed its 18th consecutive day, and on Tuesday it led to the control of the entire Damascus-Aleppo International Highway.

The observatory also monitored the period from January 24 to Tuesday, the control of the regime forces in more than 162 areas in the rural and Aleppo countryside, with the support of air and land hysterical through thousands of air strikes, barrel bombs, missile and artillery shells.

To that, he documented heavy casualties between the two parties to the fighting against the background of aerial and ground bombing and violent clashes since last January 24th, as the number of deaths of the regime forces and the militias loyal to them reached 499, while the number of the faction’s death toll reached 545. The Observatory documented 14 Turks killed by missile shelling from Before the regime forces on their positions in Idlib countryside, they are 13 soldiers and civilians working with them.To find more Arab News Latest, Arab Politics News.



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