A $16 million appeal from the UN is made for Palestinian refugees in Syria


A UN humanitarian agency made an appeal for $16.2 million on Monday to assist Palestinian refugees who were impacted by the recent catastrophic earthquake in Syria.

At the International Donors’ Meeting in Brussels, representatives of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) presented a financial appeal.

The money was urgently needed to assist the humanitarian and post-earthquake recovery needs of the refugee group following the quake that shook the north of Syria in February and is a part of the organization’s 2023 Syria-Lebanon Fast Appeal.

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It is believed that the crisis has touched about 47,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria, with more than 2,300 still displaced.

The organisation has already helped disadvantaged people by offering telemedicine support, hygiene kits, blankets, mental support for kids, and financial aid to families.

Additionally, UNRWA’s schools have reopened with catch-up classes and kid-focused psychosocial programmes.

Although UNRWA has promised to keep giving Palestinian refugees essential relief in the wake of the earthquake, it has acknowledged that it cannot do it alone.



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