China’s Xi in Russia: Have West’s efforts to isolate Moscow fallen short?


Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to the Kremlin on Monday, in a highly anticipated trip that potentially sent a powerful message to Ukraine’s Western allies that their efforts to isolate Moscow have fallen short.

The meeting will likely cover China’s 12-point position paper from last month, which includes plans to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both Russia and Ukraine, abandon the ‘Cold War’ mentality, resume peace negotiations, and ensure nuclear power plants remain safe.

While Moscow welcomed the peace plan, Kyiv did so cautiously. But a number of US officials and analysts have raised concerns over the position paper with the US warning on Friday that it could be a “stalling tactic”.

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China’s peace proposal didn’t specifically demand the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine. In addition to it, it also criticised the usage of “unilateral sanctions” in a direct hit at a number of sanctions already imposed on Russia by the West following the conflict.

Xi’s three-day visit follows a couple of major developments in recent days. First, China’s recent success in brokering talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be undermined. Following seven years of severing ties, the two countries signed a landmark agreement in Beijing last week, agreeing to re-establish diplomatic relations and open embassies.

Second, the trip also comes after an arrest warrant issued last week by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Putin over serious war crime allegations. Although the Russian president is unlikely to be extradited, he could experience major travel restrictions.

Both Ukraine and Russian opposition leaders have hailed the decision. But Russia, who has repeatedly denied committing war crimes in Ukraine since the February invasion last year, rejected ICC’s decision as null and void. Russia’s Investigative Committee said Monday it is opening a criminal case against a prosecutor and three judges of the Hague-based court.



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