Accusations against the Libyan Army the new Turkish cover way

Libyan army man

Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, the official spokesman for the Libyan National Army, denied on Thursday the rumors being promoted by Turkey and what he described as its followers, that the Libyan armed forces used poisonous gases in the Salah al-Din axis, considering that the rumors are intended to justify the Turkish military intervention in Libya, just as the Turkish regime did in Syria.

“Turkish invaders, their agents and traitors in what is known as the Saraj government, are broadcasting rumors that the Libyan National Army is using toxic gases in the Salah al-Din axis. After analyzing the goals of these malicious rumors, it becomes clear to us that terrorist gangs look for an argument to persuade the public opinion about theTurkish Air Force’s right to intervene with combat aircrafts, as well as toxic gases to target Libyan National Army locations. “Al-Mesmari said in a statement posted on his official Facebook page.

The Libyan military official called on the international community and the concerned authorities to file the Libyan crisis and the United Nations Mission to Libya to monitor these lies, announcing the Libyan National Army’s readiness for any international investigation into the allegations that Ankara has promoted.

“Such rumors and lies have been used by Turkey previously in Syria to distort the Syrian Arab army and to cover up the malicious Turkish interference in Arab issues,” Al-Mesmari said.

Turkey is trying through social media platforms and its loyal media to market a narration that the Libyan army is using internationally prohibited weapons to cover up its violations in Libya on the one hand and also to distort the role of the Libyan armed forces led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

It is also not unlikely that the aim behind these rumors will be to pave the way for the use of the Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Tripoli to support the militias of Al-Wefaq government, toxic gases on the front lines and to delude the Libyan and international public opinion that it was the Libyan National Army that used them.

Al-Mesmari had accused Turkey last week of practicing state terrorism in its entirety in his country, referring to the crimes and grave violations committed by militias under the command of Turkish officers during the control of the Al-Wefaq government forces in the cities of Sabratha and Sorman.

Al-Mesmari said in an exclusive interview with the Emirati newspaper, Al-Ain, that “the crimes that occurred in Sabratha and Sorman, of slaughtering, cutting and unleashing prisoners and terrorists and burning public facilities are the most dangerous of all.”

He continued, “This event was entirely led by Turkey … with the participation of Turkish officers, aviation and battleships of the Turkish army and with full Turkish blessing.”

He added that these crimes were also carried out through a fatwa issued by the spiritual guide of the Sadiq al-Gharyani Brotherhood, based in Turkey, and that what happened indicates that “Al Qaeda and ISIS are the strongest and leading figures in this attack.”



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