Libya: Four Turkish drones shot down in the last 24 hours

military drones silhouettes with armed and missiles.

The Turkish drones turned into easy targets for the Libyan National Army after the defense platforms managed to shoot down a Turkish droning plane which was spotted, trying to raid the city of Tarhuna, near the capital, Tripoli.According to the Africa News Portal report on Saturday, the number of aircrafts shot down within 24 hours increased to 4.

In conjunction with these developments, the Libyan army was able to shoot down a prominent official belonging to the National Accord forceswithin the Borkan Al-Ghadab in the ongoing clashes in the south of the capital, Tripoli.The media office affiliated with the Operation Borkan Al-Ghadab confirmed the killing of Hamza, the former chief of staff, Major General Abdul Rahman Al-Tawil’s son, as a result of the army’s shelling of the Farnaj area in Tripoli.

The media office published the dead man’s photo, explaining that he was killed “as a result of the fall of Grad rockets fired by Haftar forces in the early morning hours of Saturday.”The attack also wounded two policemen, while the Al-Wefaq government accused the army of firing 132 shells south of Tripoli.The fighting has escalated in Tripoli and its surrounding areas after the militia attacks on the cities of the western coast, to the border with Tunisia, with the support of Turkish aircraft.

International and human rights organizations have condemned the crimes committed in the occupied cities, while the Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Counselor Aqeela Saleh, addressed a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres and the UN Security Council permanent members’ ambassadors, in which she talked about the Libyan cities’ exposure to Turkish aggression in support of the terrorist groups who have the capital, Tripoli under their control. She also mentioned in it the sabotage role of extremist militias and Syrian mercenaries sent from Turkey.

The Turkish media, especially the Anatolian News Agency, talked about intentions to target Tarhuna (90 km southeast of Tripoli) due to its strategic importance, indicating that the options for directing military action against the city loyal to the army will be used soon with the return of the government of Al-Wifaq.

The pro-Al-Wifaq government media, in addition to the pro- Turkish Justice and Development Party media, appeared to incite the targeting of the city of Tarhunain an attempt to break the isolation of the militia.The Anatolia News Agency reported the head of the Supreme Council of State Khaled Al-Mashri, saying, “They will celebrate before the blessed month of Ramadan the liberation of Tarhuna and many areas, according to the military plans.”



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