Is Israel Avoiding Negotiations? Here’s Why Hamas Thinks So

is israel avoiding negotiations here's why hamas thinks so

One member of the political bureau of the terrorist group Hamas has accused Israel of trying to postpone talks for a ceasefire and prisoner swap. Furthermore, Husam Badran said on Wednesday that the government in charge of the occupation is trying to deflect focus from this indisputable truth that cannot be refuted.

Steer clear of discussions?

Badran also said they are still in constant contact with the mediators, “We are eager to reach an agreement to stop the war, and our communication with them continues.” In an attempt to stop the war and create a compromise on the whole departure of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip, we reviewed and debated a range of ideas during our talks with the mediators.

He pointed out that the “enemy” understands that it is useless to pressure the organization’s leadership or send threats that linger for too long. Supported by a national consensus, our party is primarily focused in attending to the basic needs of our people. Apart from being the party most eager to stop the war, we are also the party most focused in ending the conflict of our country. Moreover, the source from Hamas said that Vice President Joe Biden’s government, as with past administrations in Washington, were “completely biased” in support of the occupation state. This said with regard to the previous government.

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Unfolding Statements?

A Tuesday story from the extra York Times claims that Qatar has given Hamas further changes to the American suggestion for a prisoner exchange deal. The New York Times claimed to have quotes from authorities saying this.

Statements Unfolding

Israel’s Kan channel said, “Hamas added a new condition to the negotiations, which is the army’s withdrawal from the Philadelphia axis along the Egypt border with the Gaza Strip.” Although the paper cited many sources, their names were not given.

Under the rubble of their homes destroyed by the Israeli army in Gaza, it is believed that over 10,000 Palestinians have vanished and are thought to be dead at this moment. Israel is thought to have caused 38,000 Palestinians in Gaza to die. Near 90 thousand Palestinians have suffered wounded.



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