Be it arms or protest, Iraqis have a strong eye for politics but militia’s are ones who have the last word


Iraq IraqThe survival story of Iraqis is exemplary for many, in fact, many believe that Iraqi’s understand the country’s politics more than the government itself but there is somebody else who master’s this art.

Iraq has huge militia uproar and it is only increasing with every passing day despite media reports revealing that the attacks have decreased. Experts believe that this is the silence before the storm and the militias are merely waiting for the right time to attack the government.

The militia has a very significant hatred for Iraq’s prime minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi as it tries to lead a journey of power. The Shia alliance is clearly breaking the country into two parts. Three drones had earlier targeted the residence of the prime minister and sent a strong message to him saying, “it is not through the ballot box alone that power is wielded in Iraq.”

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The attack slightly injured the prime minister and post the attack, he said that he is very well aware of who are the perpetrators and they will soon get to them. No one commented on the issue nor did any one claim responsibility for the attack.

The militias have developed a strong liking for the acting prime minister over the years. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi lost seats in October’s elections and since then the militias have gone to various lengths to remove him from power. They stepped on the streets protesting against the government, which later on turned deadly after the clashes with police. The attacks were going on throughout the week but on Sunday, things quickly accelerated to violations of human rights as well.

On Sunday, militia showed their strength against the government’s term. This is not the first time that it is happening. Even during the Fatah political coalition, there was the second largest bloc in the previous parliament with just 17 seats in October’s election. They were convinced that the voting was rigid against them and that led their anger to boil down even more.



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