Belarus’ Lukashenka Claims That Nuclear Weapons Are Possible For Everyone


Alexander Lukashenka, the authoritarian leader of Belarus, warned that if any other nation wanted to join a union with Russia, “nuclear weapons for everyone.” 

After Russia announced last week that it would station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the West expressed concern. This would be the Kremlin’s first stationing of such warheads outside of Russia since 1991. The most ardent supporter of President Vladimir Putin among Russia’s neighbors, Lukashenka, stated that it must be “strategically understood” that Minsk and Moscow have a rare opportunity to unite in an interview aired on state television late May 28.

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What Can You Understand From The Claims of Belarus’ Lukashenka’s?

According to the Belarusian government website, the Agreement on Establishment of the Union State of Belarus and Russia Treaty, which was signed in 1999, created the legal framework for a comprehensive alliance between the two nations that included cooperation in the areas of trade, information technology, agriculture, and border security.

The scope of Lukashenko’s invitation to join the Union States needed to be clarified, and he provided no additional details.

But given the growing global proliferation of nuclear weapons and Moscow’s threat to use its nuclear arsenal as leverage in its conflict with Ukraine, his remarks on distributing nuclear weapons to like-minded allies are likely to raise more questions than answers.

Following a deal struck by Moscow and Minsk, the autocrat of Belarus announced on Thursday that the transfer of some tactical nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus had started.

Among other things, storage sites need to be prepared. We took all of these actions. As a result, the nuclear weapons movement started, Lukashenko reportedly said, according to state news agency Belta.

He added that the security of those weapons was also guaranteed, adding: “This is not even up for discussion. Nuclear weapons shouldn’t be a concern. We are in charge of this. These are grave problems. Here, everything will be fine.

Any tactical nuclear weapons that are stationed in Belarus will remain under Russian control, according to Putin, who compared this action with Washington’s practice of stationing nuclear weapons in Europe to keep host nations like Germany from violating their non-nuclear commitments.

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In conclusion, Western nations have expressed great concern over Belarus’ Lukashenka’s assertion that anyone can acquire nuclear weapons. 

Many questions about these countries’ safety and security as well as possible repercussions for international peace and stability are raised by this statement. Action on this issue must be taken quickly to maintain global security and stop the spread of nuclear weapons.



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