Trump : Iran is preparing to attack US


US President Donald Trump warned yesterday in a tweet , Iran against an attack on American soldiers in Iraq.

“We don’t want hostilities, but if they are hostile to us, they will regret it like never before,” Trump said of Iran from the White House in a press briefing. devoted to the coronavirus pandemic”

“According to our information  Iran and its proxies  are preparing an attack against American troops and / or installations in Iraq,” he tweeted. “If this happens, Iran will pay a very high price

A few hours earlier, Tehran had warned Washington against the risk of putting the Middle East in a “disastrous situation” in the midst of the new coronavirus crisis, after the United States deployed Patriot missiles on Iraqi soil.

Speaking of the pandemic, Iranian President Hassan Rohani also criticized the United States, saying it had missed a “historic opportunity” to lift sanctions on Tehran.

The United States “did not learn the lesson even during this difficult world situation  It was a humanitarian issue. No one would have accused them of going back on their position.

Iran is one of the countries hardest hit by Covid-19 disease, more than 3,000 people already died



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