Caleb Williams trending after ‘Green Bay Sucks’ video

caleb williams trending after 'green bay sucks' video

Chicago’s rookies have already caught the ire of the Green Bay faithful.

Green Bay Packers fans have been quick to criticize Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Caleb Williams following the emergence of a video in which he is seen celebrating while some fans chant “Green Bay sucks”. 

The video, which was posted online on Sunday, shows Williams at the Old Crow Smokehouse in Chicago with teammate Rome Odunze. According to Barstool, the rookie quarterback was at the restaurant at the time the video was taken. While Bears fans are embracing their quarterback’s embrace of the storied rivalry, the Packers are not pleased. Many Packers faithful have called out Williams and warned him. 

After all, Green Bay has been dominant against the Chicago franchise for years, with the Bears actually owning a 2-18 record against their rivals over the last 10 years. Another commentator observed that the Bears had lost their last 10 games to the Packers. However, they encouraged him to continue.

A multitude of individuals offered their support for Williams.  “That is incorrect,” replied one. “Caleb Williams has never been defeated by the Green Bay Packers.” One might inquire as to whether he is concerned with the historical record.

A Green Bay supporter countered that if Green Bay were to be considered a poor team, what would be the Bears’ position?

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Caleb Williams was selected as the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft by the Bears, indicating that he possesses the requisite talent and qualities to succeed in the league. 

However, until he demonstrates his abilities on the field, there will be doubts and criticisms.

Unfortunately for him, his actions against the Packers may have inadvertently added pressure to an already challenging situation. Consequently, he may be forced to win when they meet.

The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers are scheduled to play twice in 2024, in weeks 11 and 18.



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