Chia Seeds: Tiny Seeds with Big Health Perks

chia seeds tiny seeds with big health perks

Chia seeds are very small seeds belonging to a Latin plant called Salvia hispanica. These plants are found starting from Mexico down to South America. Man has been consuming chia seeds for consummation for ages touching thousands of years. According to history, Aztecs and Mayans preferred to consume these seeds. Even though chia seeds are small seeds, these seeds contain nutrients that may aid the body to stay healthy. Let’s look at some ways chia seeds can be good for your body:

Good for Your Heart 

I said something about chia seeds: omega-3 fatty acids. These are better commonly known as ‘friendly’ fats that are beneficial in maintaining a healthier heart. They might assist in lowering your blood pressure and decreasing the ‘bad’ cholesterol in your system. 

Lots of Fiber 

A lot of fiber can be consumed from Chia seeds. Fiber will make you have a feeling of being full, so you may not take as much food as you used to. It also assists your body in digesting food and can also effectively reduce instances of constipation. 

Full of Antioxidants 

Chia seeds contain a lot of antioxidants. It refers to special substances that safeguard your body structures from harm. It known the fact they can reduce inflammation too and they may even reduce your risk of contracting some diseases. 

Provide Protein

Chia seeds have protein, which is important for your body. Protein helps keep your blood sugar steady and gives you energy.

How Can You Eat Chia Seeds?

It’s easy to add chia seeds to your food. Here are some simple ways:

  1. Put them on top of yogurt or cereal
  2. Add them to your smoothies
  3. Mix them into pancake batter
  4. Sprinkle them on your salad

Chia seeds don’t have a strong taste, so they won’t change how your food tastes much.

Chia Pudding: A Yummy Treat

One popular way to eat chia seeds is to make chia pudding. When you mix chia seeds with liquid, they get bigger and turn into a jelly-like substance. This makes a pudding that’s healthy and tasty!

Other Good Things About Chia Seeds

Besides what we’ve already talked about, chia seeds might help with other things too:

  • They could help you manage your weight
  • They might help control diabetes
  • Some people say they help with anxiety and depression

Packed with Nutrients

Chia seeds have many important vitamins and minerals your body needs. These include:

  • Calcium for strong bones
  • Magnesium for healthy muscles
  • Phosphorus for energy

How Much to Eat 

 Even a little addition of chia seeds does work as a bonus for your health. They should only, take two or three spoonfuls a day. This small amount provides lots of fiber, lots of protein, and other good things. 

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 Easy to Use 

 Also, chia seeds are very versatile, and that is a plus for anyone who is planning to take them as a supplement to their diet. You can take them whole or milled. They can be added to practically anything that you eat. Although they don’t require cooking, just like cheese, you can just toss them on your food and take them! 

Wrapping Up 

Although the seeds are tiny, chia belongs to the category of superfoods that help in food improvement. Including them in your diet does not pose a problem, and your body can benefit in a lot of ways. Starting from ensuring your heart is well shaped to enhancing your digestion system, chia seeds are a very easy way of making your meals healthier. Why not include some among the foods that you plan to take for your next meal and probably you will like them? 



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