Despite unsteady national climate, Ethiopian PM swears in for 5 year extension


Ethiopia EthiopiaEthiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has once again sworn in for the title for another five years on Monday. The leader has witnessed some of the most gruesome crimes and situations of the country and despite protests and international opposition, the leader extended the term. The Prosperity Party was already declared winner of the parliamentary session earlier this year even though the opposition criticized the results.

But despite their disapproval, some from within the country believe that the affairs were still better handled than by others in the past. Before the Tigray crisis, the PM has been doing great for Ethiopia’s image as a country. He was the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner after his efforts in restories the ties with neighbouring country Eritrea and also for promoting large scale political, national reforms. However, this achievement is being spoiled by the Tigray violence, which has spread across the country.

Not only is there an increase in the violence in the country but the war that lasted for nearly a year has also resulted in the collapsing Ethiopia’s economy. The government is more tense than ever as Ethiopia was one of Africa’s fastest growing economies but with the pandemic and the ongoing war, their efforts have gone in vain. The deadly incidents of the ethinic violence in the country are harming the international confidence in the prime minister while also bringing out the worst horrors concerning human rights.

The swearing in ceremony was attended by heads of four African nations–Nigeria, Senegal and neighboring Somalia and Djibouti. Not many nations are getting actively involved in Ethiopia’s affairs given the seriousness and intensity of the matter. The United Nations also had earlier condemned the Ethiopian government last week making nations more cautious in associating themselves with Ethiopia. The organisation released an official statement satting that the citation in the country is “stain on our conscience.”

Even the United States has threatened the country demanding to solve the issues as soon as it can to rest the human rights issues. It warned the nation that if humanitarian access is not granted inside its borders, America will be going ahead with the sanctions.



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